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Ga je

'Ga je' was created during the first lockdown. The first time Linde and Indy, a non-professional dancer, met was through Zoom, as were all of their rehearsals. The first time they saw each other in real life was the filming day at Indy's home. The solo itself tells a story of losing grip of a situation and being swallowed into void. It offers the option to step away from this sensation or to dwell in it further.


'Ga je' is the third piece of the tetralogy she created during her studies. The former pieces, 'Mee' and 'Langzaam onderweg naar Nergens', and last piece 'Op de fiets' together form the sentence: Op de fiets langzaam onderweg naar nergens. Ga je mee? (Translated: On the bike slowly on the way to nowhere. Are you coming?).

The piece was recorded for the online showing of 'Quite frankly, the future' from the Dance in Education departement of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. 

Indy Bentall for Ga je in a dress by Eline Keuchenius

Credits 2020 ​ Dancer: Indy Bentall ​ Video and edit: Linde Wagemakers ​ Costume: Eline Keuchenius Music: Garden - Nicolas Jaar, The Way of Discreet Zen - Roberto Musci Special thanks to: Anne Suurendonk, Alessio Reedijk, Nicola Hepp, Niek Wagenaar

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