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Time of my life

Three dancers that are caught up in the oppressive momentum of death take you on their search for a way out.​ All our tasks continuously overlap, making the point of completion seem further and further away.  This pressure drives us towards panic disorders and burnouts. Time of my life portrays the consequences of this lifestyle that we have maintained in our society, and with this I want to offer the spectator a mirror. Am I in this pressure cooker? And can it be done differently? 

Credits 2023 ​ Choreography and production: Linde Wagemakers Dramaturgy: Lisa van den Burg Dancers: Maxime Abbenhues, Cristel de Frankrijker, Emelie Obernosterer, Linde Wagemakers (understudy for Maxime Abbenhues and Cristel de Frankrijker) ​ Music: Clara Cozzolino With live recordings by: Luca Cozzolino, Pier Sante Falconi & Tim Vervenne Light design: Rodrigo Ribeiro Special thanks to: Niek Wagenaar, Manouk Roberts, Fleur Jonkers, Melissa Schriek, Theo Ammann, Carmela di Costanzo, Abigail Ortega, Carmela Di Costanzo

Picture by Jurjen Bolsenbroek
Picture by Michiel Goudswaard
Picture by Anna Fransen
Picture by Jurjen Bolsenbroek
Picture by Anna Fransen

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