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Op de fiets

'Op de fiets' was choreographed by Linde with eight non-professional dancers as her graduation piece. It was the last piece of the tetralogy she created during her studies. The former pieces, 'Mee', 'Ga je' and 'Langzaam onderweg naar Nergens', together formed the sentence: Op de fiets langzaam onderweg naar nergens. Ga je mee? (Translated: On the bike slowly on the way to nowhere. Are you coming?). The piece was recorded for the online showing of STUNT 2021 from the Dance in Education departement of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Dancers: Francis Brinkman, Amber Kirpensteijn, Chardé de Kom, Elias Kramer, Nena Noordijk, Lasse Jonas Rogie, Ania Skotniczna, Kim Winder

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