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What would you do with one extra hour in your day? Will you be greedy and want more, or can you find satisfaction with the 24 hours you already have? Will you find ecstasy or does it overwhelm you?


In ‘25/7’ Hanane Soltani and Linde Wagemakers explored this wish for more time in our days, in a project with only 9 rehearsals in which they created a 27-minute work in progress presentation shown in Casablanca (Morocco) as part of the Unity in Motion residency. This residency is a collaboration between the Olive Writers (Casablanca) and Henny Jurriëns Studio (Amsterdam). 

Credits 2024 Choreography and concept: Hanane Soltani and Linde Wagemakers in collaboration with the dancers Dancers: Widad Awab, Ali El Kihal, Fatima Joudairi and Medhi Reffouh Music composition: Hanane Soltani, Linde Wagemakers and Ami Ne Music used in composition: Honeymoon - Cristobal Tapia de Veer Cmon - Fred again…, Brian Eno Nawwar - Le Trio Joubran Carry the Earth - Le Trio Joubran Original compisition by Hanane Soltani leavemealone - Fred again…, Baby Keem Gratitude - Cellomano Styling: Hanane Soltani and Linde Wagemakers Lights and technical support: Yassine Wahssine Location: American Arts Center Made possible by The Olive Writers, Henny Jurriëns Studio and the Dutch Embassy in Morocco Camera: Conni Trommlitz Edit: Linde Wagemakers  Music teaser from composition of the piece

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