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In October 2023 Linde had spent four days in the studio to research her methods and materials as part of the research program of ART& STUDIOSThe period spent together served as a pre-research of ‘Infertile Grounds’, a theatre piece she's aspiring to create after having created her first work ‘Time of my Life’.


They've explored the essentiality of composition and storytelling. ‘Infertile grounds’ will be focused on unstable family systems, and their effects whilst growing into adulthood. 

We've delved deeper into her language which consists of organic, groovy and fluid movements, expressing relatable symbolism of everyday life.  All of this was fueled by the imagination of the dancers, as Linde guided them through a day of improvisations and set material.

Credits Choreography: Linde Wagemakers Camera: Francis Brinkman Dancers: Siena Verber, Lisa de Faria, Nico Chanh Leroy, Anne Buunk, Olena Ananieva, Deni Hagenbeek, Rosa Post, Jacelynn Josaias, Madelief van den Biggelaar Studio: ART& STUDIOS

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